Contact for take-down requests or anything else: abillionpussies@gmail.com

A Billion Pussies is the brainchild of Marty Lightman. It is the culmination of decades of work in artificial intelligence and image recognition technology.

Marty became interested in machine learning as a young child. He was heavily influenced by his older cousin, a hacker turned AI pioneer in the eighties. Eventually, it became clear that AI had practical applications in Marty’s other favorite interest, the female form. 

It’s the merging of these ideas that makes A Billion Pussies not your average Big Pussy Blog or Pussy Tumblr.

Today, A Billion Pussies properly identifies, categorizes and catalogs about eleven-hundred pornographic images a day. The AI is responsible for curating and posting the majority of the images that fit the criteria for A Billion Pussies.

Namely, the AI is growing increasingly effective at identifying women with larger than average labia and clitoris. This is groundbreaking, because historically large labia and clitoris size has not been metadata used to sort pornographic images such as large breasts.

The commercial application of this process is ideal for large pornography publishers to scan their database and introduce new, more nuanced criteria to their categorization and search functionality. Other examples of such metadata that can be extracted with this AI technology might be areola size and color, labia majora thickness, labia color or nipple length.

As a result, A Billion Pussies is yielding a database of models, pornstars and camwhores by name cross-referenced with specific keywords such as large labia, puffy pussy, dark labia, long pussy lips, large nipples, wet pussy, large areola and so-on.

Simply put, A Billion Pussies is dedicated to making discovery of such body features and has them as easy as possible.

This has created the ability to curate easily and is currently the foundation of several side projects including a twitter account that only follows women with beautiful large labia and clits and more recently, an effort to index models with large labia from free cam whore sites.

There are other projects in the work as well, such an animated gif site.

Marty still posts regularly and even occasionally writes about the beauty of the female form and how features such as large or asymmetrical labia add to the beauty of women.

He hopes to enlighten others to see that beauty.

The hope is someday, the software algorithm will become advanced enough to take over all indexing on their own, so even Marty can enjoy passively enjoy the beauty discovered by his creation.

Marty resides in California with his wife and two dogs. 

Marty does not discuss his wife’s vagina because, while some models are kind enough to share their secret with the world, that secret is just for him.